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From October 7 to 9, the city of Miami will stop and revolve around III Points Festival.

Originally debuting in 2013, III Points brought to the table what every other festival tends to brush to the side: local talent. Not only do favorites like Otto von Schirach and Deaf Poets make appearances, but they’re also accompanied by top-tier talent in the world-wide indie scene. Headliners LCD Soundsystem, M83 and Thievery Corporation are sure to end every night with a bang. Many artists are also looking forward to their very first Miami debut, such as DIIV and Method Man & Redman.

III Points is launching it’s most innovative installation ever: a collaboration with NASA on introducing a virtual reality experience titled “Mars 2030.” This VR experience will take festival-goers on a virtual simulation of the red planet. The score accompanying the installation is composed by eight-time Grammy Award-winner Julio Reyes. “We are thrilled to showcase FUSION’s Mars 2030 at III Points, enabling people to interact with this innovative experience at a festival that has been breaking boundaries since its inception,” said Daniel Eilemberg, Co-President and Chief Content Officer for FUSION in a press release.

What is impressive is III Points ability to merge mainstream acts with local ones and still retain that feeling of intimacy. Located at MANA Wynwood, the festival sets up various stages as well as visual art throughout. There is always something to do and someone to see, yet it all comes back to the love of music. III Points, on track to have 30,000 festival-goers this year, hasn’t forgotten that at the bare bones of it, music is what brings us all together.

The festival continues to reach new territory when it comes to music, art and technology—the more reason to get excited for next weekend.


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III Points Festival Highlark