Anderson Luna is a Master of Black and Grey Tattoo, Refined and Elegant

Anderson Luna Highlark


I love black and grey work like the rest of us and I particularly enjoy Anderson Luna‘s work. His style is very unique and recognizable with a lot of fine detailing that creates beautiful images that look like illustrations on skin. Much of his work is accompanied by geometric lines and shapes that are extremely intricate and impressively precise. You can also see his use of white ink which adds a shiny textural element and very effective in making the highlights pop.

His style can certainly be called contemporary, but many of his pieces take reference from traditional tattoo imagery such as roses, skulls, daggers, sacred heart and of course the profile view portraits of women. In Anderson’s case, his shading work makes his portraits very three-dimensional compared to a more two-dimensional feel found in most traditional styles.

I am a sucker for ornamental shapes and Anderson uses plenty in all of his designs including his lettering and script work. I feel that they play a big part in giving his art that refined elegance. Check out his Instagram to see more of his work and / or setup an appointment.




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