Today’s featured artist Chad Koeplinger is possibly in some ways the hardest man to get a tattoo from and yet one of the most accessible.  This is because Chad is one of the most well traveled tattoo artists around. If you reach out to him he’ll probably be nowhere near you, but will probably be somewhere close to you in the coming months.

I completely admire and respect his dedication for this art form and his lifestyle which allows him to see so much of the world and experience new things constantly. Of course, this would not be possible if Chad wasn’t an awesome guy and an extremely talented artist. Just like all the artists we feature on this site he can do any style well, but he is most known for his American traditional tattoos with a Burmese and Tibetan flair. What I like the most about his work is that he has a genuine understanding of tattoo art and even though he has his own style, his ink is always fundamentally solid. I immensely enjoy a contemporary take on the traditional style, but I also love the classic and timeless feel of Chad’s tattoos.

You can reach Chad at to setup an appointment.


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