From black-and-grey to neo-traditional to stunningly realistic tattoos, it appears that Ellie Thompson is a master at the art of ink on skin. Translating this artwork is easier said than done, and yet her skills make these permanent masterpieces appear as clear, concise images that translate beautiful sentiments.

The techniques utilized by Thompson demonstrate true dedication to an art. Stippling and shading combine harmoniously to create tattoos that transcend traditional form. Her use of geometric designs also set her apart in a way that subtly commands respect. With the precision of a mathematical genius, she etches these lines, angles, and curves with delightfully satisfying perfection. The results are truly remarkable, and proves that she is as able to tackle naturalistic designs as she is abstract ones- sometimes even combining the two in surreally dreamy form.

The use of color, or lack thereof in some pieces, is another testament to the artists adaptability and poise. Her colored pieces remain bright, crisp, and beautiful when healed, well blended when they should be, and distinct when not.  Black-and-grey pieces are well defined and bold, with line work that would hold up for years. Thompson’s style retains itself no matter the circumstance,  and consistency in her field set her apart and make her an example in a field that can sometimes seem hard to break into for female artists.

Ellie Thompson

Ellie Thompson, with her impressive portfolio, has the makings of someone who goes above and beyond simply the profession of tattooing. By aptly imparting quality work, every time to her “canvasses”, she leaves a lasting name for herself- proof etched in skin of her caliber and timelessness.


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