I hardly ever use or even look at the “explore” feature on Instagram but that is exactly how I came across the art of Kat Abdy. The photo of her tattoo work caught my attention immediately and I was blown away with the quality of her work. Kat’s style is considered to be Neo-Traditional which basically takes the foundation of traditional tattooing and pushes the boundaries to a new level.

Her work is almost like a painting inked perfectly onto skin. The colors are bold, lines are impeccably clean and the creativity is remarkable. Kat’s subject matter tends to be dark but her pieces have elegance and beauty that result in a stunning finished product. I’ve recently seen a lot of tattoo artists doing great work in this style but Kat’s attention to detail I think makes her one of the best.

Kat tattooed over at Cherry Bomb Tattoo in Australia originally but has moved her home to the famous Cloak and Dagger Tattoo in London as of January this year. We can only hope that she will do some guest spots here in the States soon. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed she will have some art prints available at some point to add to my collection. For now though check out Kat at her links below and enjoy her amazing art!


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