Today’s Ink Pics artist Marius Meyer hails from Oslo Norway and he does some really smooth Japanese style tattooing. Japanese is one of the most widespread tattoo styles, however not many people can do it well, but Marius is certainly well versed in this style. His composition of images and elements are very fluid with the body, creating a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing piece.

Marius’ work has a nice balance of harmonious colors, primarily using darker tones in his images with brighter accenting colors that really make the piece pop. There is one piece in particular shown in the below gallery of a reaper riding a traditional Japanese dragon which I really like because it showcases his artistry by meshing two different styles that essentially contradict each other, but if the artist truly understands the fundamentals of both styles they can find common elements that bring the piece together.

Marius has a nice collection of styles in his portfolio so I highly recommend anyone in the Oslo area to check him out and he will hook you up with an awesome custom piece.


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