I am a big fan of traditional American tattoos, and our featured artist today Phil Hatchet-Yau does killer work in that style. He currently works out of Tahiti Felix’s Master Tattoo in San Diego which I consider to be the go to shop if you’re in that area.

Phil does some great black and grey shading with subtle gradient changes that result in really dynamic pieces. He also works in solid black and uses thin outlines and negative space of the skin to create a truly eye-pleasing appearance. My favorite technique of his though is when he blends a gradient of 2 colors across the entire image (ie. the tiger head in the gallery below). It’s a great unique look that you don’t see very often. He just does amazingly clean and bold work which is exactly what you want especially when getting some traditional style ink.

Phil is a really talented guy, and when he’s not inking people up he sings (and screams!) for his death metal band Convent. If you’re into that style of music make sure you check them out because they kick ass!


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