All great tattoo artists posses the ability to produce “clean lines” which is a fundamental skill set that is very difficult to do. Richard Smith is one of the best when it comes to strong, clean lines. Most of us can’t even draw a straight line on a piece of paper let alone draw it on skin with a tattoo gun. Straight, curved and everything in between, Richard draws flawless lines that not only create bold outlines but directly influence his style.

Whether it’s color or black and grey, Richard’s tattoos have a watercolor-like luminous quality along with a smooth subtle gradient. He is amazing at controlling the hues and saturation of all the colors creating beautifully dynamic images. To me, the delicate and fluid coloring inside of the solid bold lines is what makes Richard’s work so impactful.

I’m a big fan of traditional tattoos especially when an artist puts his own modern spin to them. I particularly enjoy Richard’s roses and leaves which I think is a great balance of the tattoo art style and a realistic look. Right now you can set appointments with Richard over at another great NYC shop, Three Kings East Village. Make sure you check out their Instagram where you’ll see great work from Richard and other amazing artists currently working there.


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