The moment I saw Wendy Pham’s Japanese inspired artwork it was as if I was lured into a beautifully bizarre enchanted dream that I never wanted to leave. Her style of tattooing is rooted in traditional Japanese imagery with a painter-esque quality that provides an aesthetically eloquent look. Wendy’s artistry is exemplified by her ability to take a tough image like a skull and seamlessly blend it with the striking face of a beautiful women surrounded by peony flowers to create the perfect juxtaposition of images.

For a very affordable price of $25 Wendy’s “Kingdom of Wenramen” book is available for sale, filled with amazing illustrations of mythical characters, animals and creatures that can be a perfect reference for your next tattoo. She is also the co-owner of Taiko Gallery in Berlin Germany, acting as both a tattoo studio and gallery for showcasing world class artwork.


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