Jean Burgers Jewellery Highlark


Combinations of precious stones and industrial metals form into some beautiful and creative pieces in Jean Burgers’ collections. The collections consist of geometric metal shapes, Hamsa metal pendants, Egyptian inspired pieces and much more. The collection is perhaps most interesting in the way that Burger takes something as simple as metal and makes intricate and detailed designs, while bringing a new and innovative theme to each collection.

Jean Burgers Highlark

The ‘Geometry’ collection is equipped with finely crafted detailed contemporary shapes. From lotus’s to snow flake like shapes, each pendant is uniquely crafted. ‘Geometry’ delivers sleek and clean cut shapes. Though the designs are very detailed and intricate there seems to be a minimalistic approach taken. Burgers creates something special in her ‘geometric’ collection, by keeping her designs clean and uncomplicated, but delivering a collection far from plain and simple.

Burgers incorporates turquoise, garnet, onyx, amethyst, and many more precious stones into her pieces. It’s these delightful stones that add color and life into many pieces throughout her collection. Each shape and each stone is carefully placed creating a harmonious balance within each pendant. This harmony is a theme that presents itself in the ‘Mandala Pendants’ as well as the ‘Flower of Life’ pendants. As beautiful as the ‘Geometric’ collection is, Burgers has many more collections on her website. Her jewelry shares a common theme of metal work and precious stones. However, each collection is completely different than the last, with fresh innovation and flawless construction.

Burgers stone cabochons are sophisticated, structured and minimalistic in approach. This collection seems to be the most versatile. It has many pieces which are more contemporary or minimalistic in design, but it also contains colorful Labradorite with various sophisticated metal designs of flowers, animals, and Egyptian inspired shapes like the ‘Eye of Ra’ Agate pendant.

The use of Egyptian inspired shapes is seen in Burgers “Egyptian” collection. This is perhaps one of the most enticing collections to check out due to the juxtaposition she creates in her jewelry. Burgers brings ancient Egyptian symbols and gives them new life in the modern world by placing them on beautiful and cleanly cut metal. Burgers ‘Isis’ pendants are instantly eye-catching because of the combination of copper and silver and the attention to detail placed in each wing.

Contemporary may make an appearance in many of Burgers pieces, but she’s not afraid to bring a more vintage feel into her jewelry. Her ‘Astrolabe’ collection brings an ancient and almost magical feel, with its use of worn down copper and astrological designs. ‘Paua Shell Astrolabe’ are striking. They stray away from worn down copper but still possess the magical and powerful qualities the rest of her ‘Astrolabe’ collection display so well. The cut out designs of copper are placed on hypnotic and captivating pieces of deep blue stone which call to mind the enchanting waters of the ocean. However, one need not be a mermaid or even a fan of the sea to fall for Burgers designs, as their beauty will surely appeal to all.

Burgers collections ‘Geometry’, ‘Hamsa’,’Egyptian’, ‘’Stone Cabochons’, ‘Astrolabe’, ’Organic Forms’ and ‘Symbols’, each incorporate a different theme, and produce artisanal and one of a kind works. With each collection completely different than the last, Burgers creates a range of jewelry that’ll be sure to appeal to anyone.


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