Jessica Svartvit Graces Each Tattoo With A Deep Comprehension & Technical Prowess

Jessica Svartvit Highlark

Jessica Svartvit‘s work is done with the precision of an anatomical drawing, each piece like an angled allegory. Undoubtedly a geometrically- inclined artist, her line work is methodical and sharp, while her dot work is the clutch behind her signature style. She makes it hard to believe that she’s only been tattooing for six years.

To go along with the mathematical intuition that permeates her portfolio, Jessica makes good use of the shape spectrum, giving her work an edgy, contemporary feel. It’s all prisms and isosceles triangles, falling into place to create a three-dimensional effect. In fact, it seems as though she frames her tattoos within the boundaries of the shapes she uses, an innovative way of keeping an image concise. As mentioned above, Jessica’s dot work is crucial to her ability to stand out – the gradient technique is reminiscent of the one often used in American Traditional – yet wholly distinct from the genre.

Despite their modern quality, Jessica’s tattoos carry an old world twang slightly mystical and strange. I’d even go as far to say that some of her pieces remind me of tarot cards, both in content and composition. A good example of this alluring association is an hourglass she did on a forearm, with a cosmic sky within the glass and a half-moon watching over everything. Not only is it tight on a technical level, but it also lets the imagination wander considering the perplexing entity of time. Another piece of similar tone portrays a baleen whale hugging the hull of a ship, a hot air balloon and triangular swaths of night sky hovering above. It’s science fiction, antiquity and a sweet sense of nostalgia all carefully wrapped in one inky package. Jessica has an eye for compilation, being able to match different elements so that together they create a single impression. She uses her geometric inventory to fill white space subtly and boasts a wide range of intentional textures, all topped off with a penchant for chilly colors.

Employing marks that are usually reserved for mediums like printmaking, Jessica takes her tattoos in her own direction, even experimenting with the classic mandala but fusing it into her own shape structure. Acutely aware of the underlying symmetry in all of nature’s creation, she graces each tattoo with a deep comprehension and technical prowess.


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