Coast Modern’s “Guru” is one of those tracks that you hope defines the band but also serves as a springboard of creativity for all future work. The smooth rhythm and relatable lyrics are set to the time stopping frequency of lazy waves reluctantly washing ashore. Having seen these guys play live at the Rough Trade in Brooklyn last week, I’ve gained a whole new level of appreciation for their music. There is a real band behind the sound and these kids got plenty of soul to continue making sweet music for many more years to come.



Chance The Rapper is one of the pioneers who have been taking Hip-Hop to a better place. His latest album/mixtape Coloring Book has been critically acclaimed and is a sure contender to be one of the best of the year. The entire record is fit for summer with its uplifting vibe, but the track I’ll be blasting while driving through NYC is “All Night” featuring fellow Chicago artist Knox Fortune.  It has an infectious hook and a bass line that really grooves which will put you in good spirits all summer long…. and all night long.



Fireworks by Mitski is a beautifully written song, fresh off of her new record “Puberty 2.” Arriving just in time for summer, Fireworks is the perfect, somber song for those lonely summer nights. When your friends can’t hang out and your mind is left to wander, add this song to your playlist and you won’t need actual fireworks to help you feel better- you’ll have Mitski’s lovely voice to serenade you.



For Maggie Rogers, it has definitely started off as one of the most surreal summers of her life that she will never forget, having the opportunity to meet and play her new song “Alaska” for iconic producer and musician Pharrell Williams during an NYU masterclass. Maggie’s assembly of a unique dance-folk sound, had Pharrell mesmerized in his seat as her teacher played a rough recording of the track. Inspired by summer hikes after a trip to Alaska, using samples of birds and other sounds of nature, “Alaska” is perfect for this week’s summer edition playlist.



Tiesto got the jump on the summer dance scene with the banger “Summer Nights” right from the start. Pairing Tiesto’s uptempo beats with the suave, stylish vocals of John Legend makes for the perfect melodious combination of the anthem for summer 2016. At the club or in the shower, the funky vibe will leave behind memories that set the stage for this summer hit.



“The Bird” off Anderson .Paak‘s latest album titled Malibu starts off with a groovy smooth vibe that will make you feel good on those warm summer days, while kicking back on the beach with a beer in one hand and a beautiful woman on your arm . Keys and horns trickle across the track like a sexy sultry women, creating blissful sounds of love. “A bird with the word came to me, the sweetness of a honeycomb tree..”



Brazilian DJ/Producer duo Laudz and DJ Zegon aka Tropkillaz just released their brand new EP Braza Attack Vol. 1. Their music is clearly designed to make people dance, and with Brazil in their hearts they infuse an eclectic mix of musical influences from around the globe. For me, the standout track from this EP and a clear summer banger is “Rayah” featuring Shantel. Shantel’s influence is clear on this track, sampling from Balkan gypsy music as he’s known to do and do so well. If this track doesn’t make you bob your head, you need to get your ears checked!



Savak‘s recent release Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors has been on regular rotation in my music selection since its release and will continue to be there through the summer for sure. Their single “Reaction” is just an extremely well crafted tune, melodic yet gritty with memorable and anthemic lines from every instrument. Oh, and let’s not forget the great vocal harmonies! If you missed it, check out the interview I did with them at their record release show below!




There is something cinematic in all of Puppet‘s music and his latest track with Foria titled “I’m Here” is no different. I really dig the “melodic EDM” thing and this track just gives me a feeling of nostalgia and maybe even a little bit of sadness. It might be more of the sad feeling you get when something comes to an end, like a fun summer night. I envision a few close friends smiling after one of those memorable nights, watching the sunrise together and taking in life. Well, that’s just the movie that plays in my head when I hear this song.



Yes, we’ve covered Bleached a few times already, but credit where credit is due and “Wednesday Night Melody” is an absolute summer anthem! The band already brings a Cali vibe to the table, but the chorus for this song is just so damn good and so damn summer. The song is off of their new record Welcome The Worms and you can check out the full review of it from Matt.