Highlark Music Playlist 6 Mr. Sanka Flight Mode



Mr Sanka‘s debut single is the perfect, fresh summer jam. This double-A sided single, the other song being “Midnight Air,” establishes who this talented trio is from the get-go: extremely danceable production, warbled vocals courtesy of lead singer Nick van Hofwegen , and a chugging piano line that tangoes for power with an equally energetic guitar throughout the song. The video itself, full of simple shots of cocktails, fruit, and a spinning record don’t do this banger’s energy justice: this is a song to blast down the highway after coming back from a day at the beach. Regardless of where you listen to this song, it’s effervescent nature and the unapologetic summer vibes it gives off are sure to keep you dancing.



At this point it’s pretty obvious I am all about Coast Modern. This is the 4th song they have released and we have featured every single one so far. Credit where credit is due, this duo has been killing it from the start and every track is deserving of recognition. They continue their modern and well-crafted songwriting with “The Way It Was”, another indie pop gem filled with various influences and sounds that combine into a dope cohesive track. Catch them October 2nd at The Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens, NY.



“Uninvited,” by burdgeoning pop artist Mallrat is all about excuses. Excuses that exist to conceal, replace, and pretend, all under the pulsing dome of the party. “Get me off the list,” becomes a plea as the song winds down, in lieu of the complications that might ensue when friction steps in the door. The song steeps off into plateus with clarity, carrying a vocal capacity that stays in control for the four minutes the track plays. Stay tuned and follow Mallrat online for the freshest pop from Australia.



This is one of those times where you hear a song for the first time and it feels like you’ve heard it at least once before. James Fauntleroy‘s “Say Where” exemplifies feel-good and easy listening. If you’re like me you’ll just put it on repeat so you don’t have to worry about it later.



“Shapeshifting,” a new track from synth duo Great Good Fine Ok sounds like their name- bobbing and dropping between degrees of mellow. In collaboration with Irish Artist Orla Gartland, the song is a testament to the unseen forces that keep us on the move, whether in relation to another person or ourselves. “Why are we changing every day?” is the phrase that really leaves its mark on the listener, a small pointer to the great metamorphosis that is life on earth. Catch Great Good Fine Ok on their East Coast tour this month- they’re in New York on the 26th.



Mild High Club‘s latest jam “Skiptracing” will have you floating away with the summer breeze. This psychedelic banger is the second release from the band’s upcoming sophomore album due out August 26th. Perfect for chill summer nights or lazy summer afternoons, “Skiptracing” feels like sinking into a comfortable couch at your friend’s place, or the hug you didn’t know you needed.



Electro-pop two- piece Ohlayindigo is right in step with the onslaught of R&B- inspired romance anthems the past few years have brought us. Based in California and hailing from Scandinavian roots, they compose to dance- hall beats and instrumentals arranged in one big good mood feeling. “Lullaby” is a track that puts all of that together and tops it with frank lyrics and a grand finish, ending as suddenly as it unfolded.



“NEVERALONE” has the feel of a meaningful film soundtrack selection and, that quality alone gives it instant replay value. Hip Hop is capable of taking the listener to many places emotionally. It’s great that Raury isn’t afraid to go there.



“Palm Dreams,” by hardcore group Touché Amoré is a letter to a mother, written against a backdrop of blue sky, palms, and all else made eternal by neon. It belongs to vocalist Jeremy Bolm, and it’s spit out, over the hills, over the desert, the freeway, till it hits the same curl of ocean that beckoned his Nebraska-born mom there in the first place. “What was it that brought you west?” he asks, and it’s a loaded question that spans the four decades he knew her. With fortified bass progressions crunching down on everything in their path, the track is a challenge to the promised land, bending the frequencies that keep the pretty thing going all day and all of the night. “Palm Dreams” is right off a new album titled “Stage Four,” which is also Touché Amoré’s first release through Epitaph records. Catch the band on the East Coast this September!



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