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Pennsylvania rock band Crobot is as hard as hard rock gets, an impressive feat considering how watered down the term rock n’ roll has become in recent years. The speed, the crunch, the flash- all that eighties drag race jazz makes an appearance in the new track, titled “Not For Sale.” On lead vocals, Brandon Yeagley is warm, but once he hits the Vince Neil ballpark, the place is burning. Jake and Paul Figueroa, on bass and drums respectively let the whole thing come together under their hands, providing a spine of steel for guitarist Chris Bishop to lean on. “My soul is not for sale,” Yeagley assures us, shining a Sunset Strip halo over our big, corporate world.



WARNING, this video by legendary rapper Ras Kass is over 4 minutes of real hardcore rap with that classic boom-bap beat, which takes me back to my childhood days in the 90’s. The track also features hip-hop heavyweights Bumpy Knuckles (AKA Freddie Foxx) and Onyx. Onyx is one of my favorite hip-hop groups from back in the day, and they are still going strong for over two decades now. Their rhymes were so raw and authentic that most people could not handle the explicit lyrics, but by pushing the boundaries of rap they were well respected by many.



I bid all my good sirs and madams from the United States of America a Happy 4th of July. Independence represents more than being free from your oppressors it’s being free to do as you will, in some countries it is illegal to sit and dance, like ‘Footloose’ countrywide. I love music so I will listen, and like a good cook, one must show their good taste to others.

The song by Dave B. entitled “Parallel” is great, there isn’t much this track is lacking, it has a great sound both commercially and sonically; the overall flow to the song vibe is real cool, Portuguese dialogue in the background and intro, Dave brought his A game, and it would rock in a party something I heard summer is known for. Sángo produced the track in full and totally knocked it out the stadium. Sángo the soul man, artist, singer and Brazil enthusiast is an incredible recording artist in his own right, but as of lately he’s been putting on Dave B. who is also from the Seattle area. The duo have made a few impressive songs this song included, Dave B. rapping and singing while Sángo orchestrated the melody with precision. For these reasons, this will be my selection for “Summer Heat Sundays” the unofficial name (patent pending) of the Highlark crew’s picks soon-to-be hits to rock to.

Overall: This is a banger in every sense, embodying what a great song should consist of, from a few consistently good artists. Dave B has hard-to-miss skill and a natural ability to entertain, so whenever possible check out Punch Drunk a medium sized glance at Dave B.

Give it 5’s all around like I’m Celebrating



This track by British group White Lies feels bigger than its mere three and a half minutes- it rolls steady, a stream of consciousness that manages not to grow tedious. “I’m in love with the feeling, oh take it out on me,” admits lead vocalist Harry McVeigh, in a tone that’s both smooth and sophisticated but nonetheless naked. The song’s got a bit of Killers vibe, all tuxedos and tears and candied instrumentals, leaving us with a not unpleasant aftertaste and a dying chorus of questions.



This track launches right into its intoxicating nature, with a strong bass beat, and an even stronger saxophone wail. The orchestra is fuzzy, nonchalant as it speaks, and the whole song feels like an impromptu jam sesh of noise geniuses. The tension is classic; its the stuff of symphonies, assuring you that something’s about to peak or drop or cave into itself in a final rush of inspiration. “Confessions Part II” is just that- a peak and a drop and a cavern, all in the throes of the modern age.



“Love Ya” is a hot, new track off of Blood Orange’s long awaited, critically acclaimed record “Freetown Sound.” Dev Hynes, along with Zuri Marley, sing an entrancing ballad, urging a lover to “come on, let me love ya.” With its hypnotizing melody and tasteful inclusion of horns, this song will easily get stuck in the listener’s head upon first listen.



Parquet Courts‘ “Pathos Prairie” off their latest album “Human Performance” is a groovy, upbeat tune, ideal for any summer playlist. The song is a pick-me-up anthem that inspires the listener to stop being blue, get up, and dance. The lyrics, “Faster than hope flies cold through my veins,” are a perfect example of words that convince the listener to rally on.



This track, from the beat to how Dillon & Paten bodied EVERYTHING makes this easily my new favorite and guarantees it gets stuck on repeat. The only thing it suffers from are the skits because I just wanted more flows. The shout out to some classic Snoop put it over the top. *nodding my head through the fade.


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