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House music is destined to be as powerful a force in 2016 as it was in 2015, and expect a power surge to come from a familiar power source that is the Julian Calor. House music is a love of mine that no New Year’s resolution can break, and if last year was any indication of this coming 2016 year, the great talent that is Julian Calor will continue to ride his 2015 wave of success.

Garnering support from the industry giants for putting the “E in EDM,” this rising star came out with an equally hot debut album Evolve in early 2015 coming from Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. This album, when listened to, sounds like the evolution of EDM happening before our eyes. Boasting many impressive tracks with his signature electronic-synth that has appropriate vocal accompaniment that has made for headlining-caliber sound.

Shooting up the Progressive House rankings like a shooting star, the 22-year old Dutchman from Wageningen will be on the spring break playlists of many party-goers, one song that would be a fan favorite is this song “Power”, a more recent track post-Evolve that will have many believing in his evolution.

“Power” is a quintessential party starter, it’s instrumentals and build up is as strong as the production is solid, having that ‘on-your-feet’ quality which has catapulted him into success in the EDM world. He has many high-energy tracks that will get his audience pumped up but I especially see this song as a ‘shot of adrenaline’ type that he could possibly open with when playing his dynamic sets.

This infectious song starts off with vocal contributions from Haris, who also featured singing on a Hardwell song last fall, with simple lead-up that quickly transitions from build-up to breakdown to climax almost seamlessly. I personally love when the vocals come in out of nowhere to raise you off your feet “won’t you turn my strength to…POWAAAAH!” that precedes the breakdown and climax of the track (I do it no justice by writing it).

I definitely see this as a crowd favorite this coming spring, especially with those vocals that do half the job in and of itself. “Power” also has a commercial appeal, being a complete song that can be enjoyed as much sitting in the car as it would be in a club, and this quality gives Julian a chance to become as big as those same greats who have praised him so early on into his brief rise to stardom.


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