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Teale Coco HighlarkEPISODE VI

The stars finally aligned for Episode VI of The Shoot! I’ve known Kaylani Lei for some time now and so since I started photography I’ve been wanting to get a shoot in with her. Teale Coco is a really cool designer/brand that makes occultism inspired intimates, and she sent us over some outfits to use. My stylist Vanessa couldn’t make the shoot but she had put together the look for me. As always I wasn’t sure exactly what the hotel room would look like but I knew that the outfit would be dope!

Kaylani Lei Sonic Highlark


When I walked into the hotel room, I took a quick scan but I pretty quickly zoned in on the bathtub which was actually out in the open. It was a really cool setup and I knew I wanted to shoot there. I went for my usual single light setup for this one because I figured the mood will fit the outfit and the setting. Kaylani was super excited about the look and she told me she loved high waisted stuff so I was really happy about that. You always want the model to be comfortable in whatever they’re wearing (or not wearing). I forgot to think about the footwear but I actually like how she looked with just the thigh highs. The exposed bathtub really worked well with the lighting and the ledge had enough room for her to lay across on. There were a lot of cool elements of this outfit, like the laced up backside of the thigh highs and the open back top. I wanted to make sure I got all the angles to showcase them.

It was really fun and easy to shoot Kaylani since she knew what she was doing, and she makes these sexy arches with her back that really accentuated what she wearing. Her tattoos peeped out in all the right places with this outfit which I thought was a happy coincidence. We actually did another shoot after this in a different outfit but that will be for another time. A special thanks to Teale for sending us this awesome lingerie, and if you’re reading this, Kaylani really loved it (hint, hint)!

Hair: Andrew / Makeup: Elyssa Marie / Stylist: Vanessa Lee


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Kaylani Lei Sonic Highlark

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