Kendrick Lamar Meets Donald Trump


Kendrick Lamar and President Donald Trump may come face-to-face Monday Night.

No this isn’t FOX’s Celebrity Boxing or any other celebrity driven reality show. That would cheapen the very talented, “voice of his generation”  Kendrick Lamar. According to Politically Georgia (The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s regionally-focused political site), President Donald Trump plans to attend Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship game. Georgia faces off with Alabama. They will be playing in Atlanta, GA. Kendrick Lamar will be performing the half-time show.

There’s lots to unpack here.

We’re not going to touch on the irony of Donald Trump, who spent most of this first year as President, bashing Black NFL players. Incase you were wondering there are also many black college football players. Who knew, right? Nor are we going to touch on how much this trip is going to cost us taxpayers especially if Trump is mimicking Pence’s Football Game protest (which cost nearly $250,000).

And we’re not going to mention the fact that maybe the President who threatened a nuclear war just yesterday via Twitter, and who has been called a “fucking idiot,” “incompetent,” “dumb as shit” and a “fucking moron” by those closest to him according to a new tell-all book by Michael Wolff (out today). Also we’re not going to delve into the explosive New York Times Op-ed by Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson and Peter Frisch. That Op-ed, titled “The Republicans’ Fake Investigations,” has led many to claim since being published yesterday that Donald Trump’s days are numbered.

Instead, we are focusing on a face-off between President Donald Trump and someone we suggested on day one of his presidency to meet with, Kendrick Lamar. Although Lamar does not outright address Trump in his universally acclaimed album DAMN., which is up for 7 Grammy Awards, he did not hold back while promoting the album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone , Lamar addressed why he didn’t named Trump directly, “I mean, it’s like beating a dead horse…We already know what it is. Are we gonna keep talking about it or are we gonna take action? You just get to a point where you’re tired of talking about it.”

However, Lamar changed his tune a bit. Recently telling i-d about Trump, “We are all baffled…It is something that completely disregards our moral compass…It’s just building up the fire in me. It builds the fire for me to keep pushing as hard as I want to push.”

On Monday night, Kendrick Lamar has the opportunity to unleash that fire in him and to push hard. He will have the opportunity to speak up for those who feel like him. Many of whom will be playing in the game.  Many of whom will be outside the stadium. As of 2014, Atlanta has a population that consisted of 51.4% African American and 38.3% Non-Hispanic White.

Atlanta is also the city President Trump called  “crime infested” and in “horrible shape.” 

Whether or not President Trump actually attends all eyes will be on Lamar. And also on how Donald Trump reacts to Lamar. It is a moment that may end up in the history books.

Will you be watching?



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