Kristen Liu-Wong


Sex, power, and violence – three different ideas, yet all fascinating to the human mind. Los Angeles based artist, Kristen Liu-Wong explores the ideas of sex, power, and violence through her cartoon-like style and sweet color palette. The contrast between her style and subject matter create a viewer experience unlike any other. Just one look at her work is not enough. Upon first look the viewer is most likely fascinated by the bright colors and then once you begin inspecting details, much more is uncovered. Erotic women will be fighting, bleeding, and even dying throughout Kristen’s intriguing work.

Kristen Liu-Wong

Kristen wants her work to depict women as powerful beings, rather than accessories. She makes sure that each woman in her illustrations and paintings is made to be participating in the world as an individual with her own problems and actions. Kristen’s background in illustration clearly encourages her to tell a story in everything she creates. Her work allows for a new idea of females to arise. Kristen creates these characters to be intensely strong, even violent, yet still seductive. The women in her work act on their own impulses without showing a care in the world – a clever way of illustrating human nature.

Kristen Liu-Wong

While the women appear to be the focus of Kristen’s paintings, the background is equally as intricate. Kristen paints her women in both typical and unusual environments. She includes normal elements such as snacks, technology, and nature, but always manages to slip in contrasting elements such as destruction and violence. Without a doubt, there is always something more going on in the background of Kristen’s paintings. Kristen’s new exhibition,Conflict/Resolution,” continues to explore the themes of sex, power, and violence and will be displayed in Los Angeles at the Corey Helford Gallery from September 23 to October 21.  


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