25 years ago this weekend, MTV News’s Kurt Loder interrupted regular programming to inform viewers, like me, that Kurt Cobain was found dead in a Seattle home. Cobain was 27. He shot himself in the head.

“Kurt Cobain, the leader of one of the world most gifted bands, Nirvana is dead,” Loder Said.  “This is the story as we know it so far. Cobain’s body was found in a house in Seattle on Friday morning. He was dead of an apparently self-inflicted shot gun blast to the head. Police found what is said to be a suicide note at the scene but have not divulged it’s contents. Cobain who was 27, had been reportedly been missing for 6 days according to his mother. The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that Nirvana was breaking up and that Cobain was planning on undergoing drug rehabilitation. A source close to the band told MTV News earlier this while that story sounds bad it was better than quote wha was really going on.”


MTV immediately aired the Nirvana episode of MTV Unplugged. They played it repeatedly. I recall the only thing they interrupted Unplugged for was more updates on Cobain’s suicide and street interviews with fans. Cobain was probably turning in his grave the entire time it played. However, for many kids like me (I was nine at the time) and those who were older the Nirvana MTV Unplugged was our portal to what might have been going on in Cobain’s mind. Every time you watched it you thought you found more clues on why Cobain, who recently had a child with Courtney Love, would kill himself. Every time you watched it the legend of Kurt Cobain grew. I cannot think of Cobain without thinking of Loder and MTV Unplugged.

We thought this weekend would be a perfect time for all those who haven’t seen it, and all those who haven’t watched it a while to view again in its entirety (and on repeat if you like.)



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