Lapsley Live Highlark


Imagine headlining a world tour, while still needing a fake I.D. for a night out clubbing in New York.

For newly-turned 20-year-old Holly Låpsley Fletcher–who goes by her stage name, Låpsley–that’s a reality.

She played a sold-out show at the O2 in Shepherd’s Bush, London, on 19 October for a large, chilled-out crowd. As per usual her vocals were strong and resonated well (literally), and a captivating light display shone bright on the young songstress.

A native of Southport, England, Låpsley’s relatively thick accent shone through as she told the audience how she waxed her legs “especially” for the show, then ended up wearing jeans, part of her modest banter between tracks.

Lapsley Live Highlark

Her vocals resemble Adele’s. Soulful, deep, and slightly raspy, Låpsley completely captivates the audience, going through the tracks of her debut album, Long Way Home. A three-piece band, introduced during the set, provides backing instrumentals — as does Låpsley herself. Using two microphones, one a distortion of the lower register, Låpsley is able to sort-of duet with herself. These intricate, thought-out musical manipulations further draw the audience in. Her meaningful lyrics, especially in songs like “Cliff” and “Hurt Me,” add yet another dimension to the already meaningful tunes. The head-nod-inducing beats that back the vocals make the songs less sad and more upbeat, a perfect, chill balance between sentimental and sing-along, outright dancing tunes.

She even plays the keyboard at one point, for the song “Painter, Valentine,” where her talents truly take center stage. The vocals layered with the soft synths and background sounds fill the arena, as the audience can’t help but stare, mesmerized.

Låpsley also covered “This Woman’s Work,” originally by Kate Bush, beautifully. She originally recorded the tune as a promotion for International Women’s Day.

Lapsley live Highlark

For the encore, German drag artist Shiaz Legs lip-synched to Låpsley’s hit “Operator.” Unanticipated by the audience yet entertaining and fun, the performance was just another facet that separates Låpsley from other performers. When she returned to the stage for the last song, her popular tune “Hurt Me,” Låpsley declared, “This is my last song because I only have one album.” There’s no doubt the crowd would’ve listened to her sing the phone book, just to hear her voice once more.


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Lapsley live Highlark

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