This year’s most haunting and harrowing day is rapidly approaching. But if you haven’t gotten your costume yet, have no fear—for all of you procrastinators out there, Highlark has got you covered. Whether you are looking to wow your friends with a witty pop culture reference, or spook them out with a creepy ensemble, the ingredients for a seriously bewitching look are likely already in your closet. Here are some last minute Halloween outfits to try!

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark



With the breakout popularity of this show, there will be no shortage in Eleven costumes. But for good reason— her look is not only badass, but also super easy to replicate. You’ll need a dark blue jacket, a pink dress, and an ego waffle box. Perfect the look with some blood dripping from your nostril and some dirt on your dress. You’ll be a supernatural hero in no time.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark
Stranger Things


With the best luck you’ll probably never become a full-fledged beef artist. But with a few basics, you can easily become Tina Belcher for the night. All you’ll need is a blue t-shirt, black skirt, white socks, and black converse. Carry around an old book and some cheap glasses for a nerd-perfect Tina costume.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark


There’s no costume better for lazy Halloween goers than the supermarket style of The Dude. With a robe, a white tee, and your best dad-shorts, you may just be mistaken as Jeff Bridges himself. The mustache, glasses, and milk carton are the perfect finishing touch.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark
The Dude

// BRITNEY 2007

With her incredible Vegas success and rise back to the top of the charts, Britney’s meltdown phase seems like ancient history. Now that she is healthy and thriving, there’s no harm in commemorating the story of one of the most epic pop starts of all time. All you’ll need is a gray hoodie, white shorts, white sneakers, and an umbrella. The bald cap is a necessity if you are really “Toxic.”

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark
Britney Spears Circa 2007


This iconic film scene makes for one of the easiest costumes. Your Halloween outing may not guarantee the slippery hardware floors for your smooth entrance, but you should have no problem finding a white button up, white socks, and dark glasses.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark
Risky Business



If you and your pals are anything alike, one of them will probably need an easy costume idea as well. Relish in your procrastination together with a throwback to one of the best horror movies of all time. If you don’t have an old, faded dress in the back of your closet that you don’t mind covering in red liquid, head to your local thrift store where you’re guaranteed to score one for a few bucks. Choose accessories at your own discretion, so long as you and your friend capture the eerie identicalness of The Shining sisters.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark
The Shining Twins


As someone who pulled this last minute Halloween look last year, I can tell you that this Pulp Fiction moment is just as easy as it is super fun. The only requirements are black pants, a white button down, and some face blood. If you have some extra cash, invest in a dark wig with fringe bangs. Oh, and don’t forget the cigarette!

Last Minute Halloween Outfits
Mia Wallace


As with the shining twins look, this prom-gone-awry nightmare is easily achievable with an old dress or a thrift shop come up. But the key here is to really kick it up a notch with the blood. You’ll know you have enough when you are soaked in it. Don’t forget to pickup a plastic crown at a party store to complete your royal ensemble.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark


There’s nothing scarier than the 2016 presidential election, so why not exploit the shortcomings of our democracy on the only day it’s universally acceptable? You’ll need a counterpart for the full effect, but you shouldn’t have to search hard in the wardrobe department. Raid your friend’s closest for the most ill fitted pantsuit you can find, and plaster on a smile for the second scariest day of the year.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark
Hillary & Trump


For those of you that are really timid in the dressing up department, this minimal effort makeup look is your new go-to. All you’ll need is dark clothing, red lipstick, and some YouTube tutorials to create a simply scary blood-dripping lip.

Last Minute Halloween Outfits Highlark


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