Lines On Lines On Lines: A Conversation With Shantell Martin

Conversation with Shantell Martin about her collabswith Puma, 1800 Tequilla, Kendrick Lamar, and BPMs.

Photo by Connie Tsang

Another conversation with another dope artist. We talk about Shantell’s collabs, Kendrick Lamar, and BPMs.

This is D3 the Concrete, bringing you fashion from the streets!

If you have yet to hear of Shantell Martin, then you need to become familiar. Her trademark line work is compelling, filled with faces that are calm and serene.

I had the chance to reach out and I am thankful that she was gracious enough to oblige me for the interview.

Without any further delay, here is the interview with the artist, Shantell Martin.


Conversation with Shantell Martin about her collabswith Puma, 1800 Tequilla, Kendrick Lamar, and BPMs.
Photo by Anton & Irene
Bold: Me // Italics: Shantell
All photos/art are provided by the artist for this article.
Please tell us who you are and where you are from?
I’m Shantell Martin. I’m an artist and from London.
What got you interested in creating art?
I don’t know if anything got me interested, it’s just something I did when I was younger that helped me feel better.
How did you become involved in the streetwear/sneaker community?
Since I was a kid I always loved sneakers, and for years, I worked at sports shops and sneaker stores in London part-time to help get me through University. So I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember.
Photo by Connie Tsang


How did you meet Kendrick Lamar, or was it the other way around? Tell us about your epic performance at Art Basel with Kendrick Lamar.
We were brought together to create an epic experience where art meets music and it was a very professional, creative, and memorable experience that inspired me to really push my own music, too.
a. You have a quote in this video that I found, while you two were preparing for it, where
you say “The line is a reflection of the BPM”. Please elaborate on that.
I’m very much influenced by my surroundings. Music also has played a role in my creativity. And just imagine if music was driving the line, what that line becomes. The beat, the speed, the energy, the emotion. It all lives in the line.
Now to the collaborations:
a. Please feel free to tell us about your collaboration with Puma.
For a long time, I’ve really wanted to create a collection that was more than a collaboration and I think I’ve done that with Puma. Each pair of shoes, is a piece of art, for the details, surprises, messages, and questions. Alongside it, there’s apparel and accessories that complete the story of the sneaker or rather elaborate on that story.
b. Also, please tell us about your collaboration with 1800 Tequila.
I just love non-traditional canvas’ and 1800 is a really great example of a company that works regularly with artists and really supports the art and creativity of individuals so I jumped at the chance to work with them. Also, I have to say that learning about how tequila is made and the craftsmanship behind everything only made the collaboration more meaningful to me. Really proud and honored to be apart of this series.

Photo by Theo Coulombe


What’s next on the horizon for you?
Music. I’m really focusing on making more music and sharing it with you all.
What is some practical advice for an up-and-coming young artist who is attempting to make their way into and through the art industry?
Don’t care what other people are doing. Don’t wait around for opportunities. Create your own. Do that by using what you have access to. Be consistent. Be honest. Be vulnerable.
Writer’s Note: You can find her online at the following social media platforms:


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