Lords of Gastown is a motorcycle lifestyle brand from Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to motorcycle inspired apparel and bike accessories. The “Lords Blog” consists of photographs of custom Harley motorcycles and descriptions of the motorcycle club’s various road travels. Recently, the crew of 12 riders traveled over 4,000 kms through British Columbia to Hyder Alaska. They posted pictures of the amazing journey, passing breathtaking mountains, isolated lakes and valleys. While traveling the riders are always sporting their customized Gastown gear and accessories representing the “Lords” unique brand.

As for the Gastown online store, both men’s and women’s clothing are sold along with motorcycle accessories, such as cool outlaw Simpson helmets and custom Lords equipment such as handlebars and their signature Lady Catcher/Sissybar. Their apparel is streetwear meets biker, almost exclusively black and white T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets to keep any rider warm, protected and fashionable while racing down the highway. A personal favorite is their collection of patches, written with quotes such as “Splitting lanes & Legs Since 1979”, and “More Trees Less Assholes”, providing the brand with a sense of humor and carefree attitude. For tough, edgy biker-wear, visit LordsofGastown.com or follow their socials below.


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