Lotus Terminal 5 Highlark
Video courtesy of NETFREQ.TV


Nestled in the northern boundaries of Hell’s Kitchen is the tucked away venue of Terminal 5. This Saturday night, the location was home to Lotus, a psychedelic-electronic band. Although unimposing from its outward appearance, Terminal 5 opens up splendidly once you’ve entered. With a generous dance floor, two balconies, and a roof, there was no lack of space for concert-goers. As Lotus hit the stage, the crowd made the push to get closer, and the overall feel of the event was made evident. Accompanied by a dazzling array of lights that were expertly timed to punctuate certain parts of the music, the 6-piece band worked their magic on various instruments and using a number of cool tools to create a truly otherworldly sound. Often changing instruments or direction of music in the middle of a piece, the improvisational touches that Lotus brought to its songs created a dynamic and energetic environment.

Fans allowing the music to overtake them flowed and danced in the crowd as the sound ranged from mellow and reflective, to transcendentally joyous, taking each and every individual in the room along for the ride. The American band, hailing from Indiana, was no stranger to this type of reaction. Having released a multitude of recorded projects since its formation almost 2 decades ago in 1999, Lotus’ stage presence was an addition to the experience. Often prompting people to clap or otherwise participate, the non-stop show became better and better. Most impressively, was the bands ability to play for an almost solid two and a half hours. Because of the “jam-band” style of the music, a certain amount of skill is required to continuously keep in time and on the same page as other band members, and every one of them did fantastically; never skipping a beat. The highlight of the show came when Terminal 5 lowered its magnificently grandiose disco ball, a monster big enough to illuminate every crevice of the venue. As the changing lights splayed while the music went on, the atmosphere was transformed to that not only of a New York City venue on a cold February night, but perhaps an escape of itself.


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