I wish there are more Hip-Hop artists like Marco Pavé in the world who use their voice to bring positive change in the world. Whether it be helping the community in his hometown of Memphis, or speaking to a national audience on TEDx, Marco has never been one to shy away from the challenges and issues that are part of our everyday world. His words mean more now than ever, and In his new track “Sacrifice” which features fellow Memphis native Thank Aaron, he prepares us for the battle ahead. He also leaves us with an important reminder that the grind never stops, not for him and not for any of us. We all need to continue working hard towards our goals in life.

He has been busy gearing up for another national tour and the release of his new album Welcome to Grce Lnd (due out May 12th), but I caught up with Marco for a quick chat to ask about his latest track. This is what he had to say-

This new track is my offering to the trying times ahead. We are gonna have to sacrifice a lot to come out on the other side of Trump. But we also gotta be confident about what we deserve; a gold watch.


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