Meadows Festival Fashion


As noted in our Meadows preview, the Queens festival describes itself as a celebration of music and arts. We definitely caught some of the best performances around–from MIA to GTA–but, candidly, found the visual art to be sparse. Nevertheless, we sought out other manifestations of the festival-goers’ artistic spirit, namely in the form of fashion.

The weekend of September 15th-17th was incredibly, unbelievably hot in New York City. The weather necessitated corresponding outfit adjustments, so this “fall festival” turned into a summer celebration–but the crowd still brought their A-game. Some faced the heat in teeny tight shorts with crop tops–a logical choice–while others went with flowy skirts or slacks. In traditional festival style, we saw bright colors everywhere. The EDM crowd definitely marked their presence in this realm with neon and metallic accents, as well as see-through tops and eye-catching prints. I particularly saw an Eastern-inspired trend: lots of Afghan pashmina scarves and harem pants around. We’ll have to keep an eye out to see if this trend continues and permeates mainstream culture. Of course, athleisure had a presence, as did punky fishnets worn under denim shorts–two defining looks of the past year or so in popular fashion.

Some of my favorite finds were in the details: Aman’s Zanzibari printed skirt; the colored sunglasses spotted on Sonia, Luke, Melissa, Dasha, Maria, and Stephanie; Luis’s personalized jacket; Quinn’s single-buttoned statement; Ana’s fan; and of course, Tiny Trendsetter Adam’s plaid-shirt-tied-around-the-waist tactic. Check out these looks and more in the gallery below.

Photos © Alli Lorraine. All Rights Reserved.

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