Miho Hirano


Whimsical, flowy, and fantasy – three words that only begin to describe the wonderful paintings done by Japanese artist, Miho Hirano. Hirano’s designs depict beautiful women with long flowing hair, in pastel tones. She paints each woman with delicate features – such as alluring, light colored eyes and perfectly pink lips. Hirano’s new exhibition, “Beauties Of Nature,” includes fifteen oil paintings that all bring together elements of femininity and nature.

Miho Hirano

Hirano’s choice of pastel colors allows for the female figures to appear pure and delicate while interacting with elements of nature. The hair in each oil painting flows naturally from the women’s heads as if it is being blown by the wind. The hair particularly stands out, because it directly interacts with the elements of nature. Flowers, leaves, and even birds are seen flowing out of the hair as if the hair is controlling, or working with each element – creating a sense of life within the hair. The hair even changes from a pale gray to a more vibrant blue as plants and flowers flow from underneath, contributing to the idea of the hair, or woman, becoming alive with nature.

Not only does the hair create a sense of life in each painting, each woman’s facial expression suggests a sense of serenity. Round-lipped and straight faced, each woman looks beautifully at peace in her surroundings – possibly suggesting that femininity and nature are meant to interact with each other. The ease at which each woman is depicted, evokes feelings of simplicity even though the subject may be surrounded by chaotic bolts of lightning, or flying birds. Hirano paints her subject matter in a way that suggests connectedness rather than contrast between each element. The female figures and elements of nature are working together to create a wonderful sense of unity.

Miho Hirano’s new solo exhibition, “Beauties Of Nature,” will premiere in Los Angeles at the Corey Helford Gallery on Saturday, December 2 and will be on view up until December 30.



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