In my early 20s I often found myself wishing I had an attractive next door neighbor. I could just imagine the lustful build up with endless stolen glances, the morning hellos, the midnight run-ins, and polite conversation while returning any mail mix-ups. Eventually I would work up the courage to borrow some sugar in my best au naturale make-up and a casual silk robe. But alas, in a city with a population of 8.4 million and plenty of models, I never got the chance. So this look is an ode to what could have been, bringing the modern babe next door to life!

The grey skater skirt is the perfect length to play up the silver zipper detail on the black thigh-highs. Paired with the perfect black booties that scream chic without straying attention away from the outfit. The black and washed burgundy crop top adds a bit of flair with a slight v-neck to give a taste of cleavage and a collared detail to keep it classy. The black and white reversible shawl is the star of this look! It let’s people know you have personality and an eye for fashion without trying too hard and its thick fabric is perfect for keeping warm in the brisk NYC night air.

For the undergarments I went with a Yin and Yang look that can be attained with the everyday items found in every woman’s underwear draw. A black bra to showcase a woman’s favorite curve to flaunt to the world in low-cut articles of clothing, and white lacy bottoms to represent the delicate holy grail that a chosen few get to describe in full detail.

[divider]FITTING ROOM[/divider]

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CROP TOP: by Urban Outfitters

SHAWL: by Urban Outfitters

SKIRT: by Mixology




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UNDERWEAR: by Urban Outfitters


CHOKER: by Valfrè 

RINGS: by RoseWe


Alternatives to achieve this look are a collared crop top or a form-fitting halter top with a flattering v-neck or sheer panel. A skater skirt or a pleated high-waisted skirt that complements thigh-high socks or a garter detail paired with ankle booties that are more on the simple side. Of course, add a statement shawl or a hooded poncho jacket to pull everything together.

MODEL: KEIRSTIN MILES| Instagram | Twitter |

 Styled by Vanessa Lee / Photographed by Sonic Highlark

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