[column size=one_half position=first ]Modern Baseball takes a more mellow and emotional take on this surprise EP they dropped this October. Normally presenting a more upbeat pop-punk sound, Modern Baseball appears to have introspectively reflected upon themselves and their sound, even lightheartedly poking fun at their own tendencies to write about ex-girlfriends. Each song presents a tale of young adulthood, and the typical struggles associated with coming of age, including romance, and the attempt to find oneself. Surprisingly, this album was not a repetitive mash of power chords and snare drum, and approached each song with a refreshingly raw and open set of lyrics and instrumentals. Often leaving in outtakes to accentuate the “garage band” sound of this young band, Modern Baseball still manages to impress with tuneful melodies, and guitar parts that stay stuck in your head all day. However, this album is far from having catchy as its only descriptor, as it is truly a wonderful set of songs that present the band as more mature musicians, and imparts the listener with a mixture of nostalgia and bittersweet melancholy- longing perhaps for their own misunderstood youth.

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