Moodymann’s House Re-encounter with ‘SINNER | KDJ-48’


Featured Photo: Richard Johnson

Detroit House musician Moodymann returned from the depths of his absence for five years to introduce the world to his oddly enticing project, SINNER | KDJ-48. A brave return from one of the regal figures of the House genre.

The project does not prattle with noise or is abrasive by any means. Moodymann’s new project enjoys its minimalistic qualities. It savors it with a suave attitude while straining from redundancy with interesting instrumental and sample switch-ups. Due to the bpm arrangements and contrasting drum and snare arrangement, each track always has something to offer to keep the listener entranced.


The track I’ll Provide is automated and bouncing, but keeps it still and easy with the right drum arrangement and Moodymann’s slick tongue. Downtown is a Jazz-inspired arrangement with pulsating basslines and chords that flee with careless joy. Throughout the track, a nice drum pattern is stamped onto the instrumental order, working along dutifully with the tinkering chords and a groovy percussion.

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The track Got Me Coming Back Right Now is robotic and nocturnal in its first half. The thumping drums riding along with a lingering bass in the back, as well as some repeated chords are thrown into the mix. In the second half of the track, the chords melt and rumble with a groovy air, allowing remnants of the first half to join along with its vibrations.

By this point, Moodymann makes musical arrangement seem like a breeze. His skill set has been enhanced beyond comparison by the numerous years he’s held under his feet. This shows vividly in this new project.

Listen to SINNER | KDJ-48 below. Released on Mahogani Music.

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