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The short walk from the subway characterized the bitter cold Friday evening in Brooklyn, yet arriving to the destination we were greeted warmly. The venue, Palisades, would have been easy to miss- had it not been for the crowd of people gathered outside in a line. Mothers, hailing from Athens, Georgia, headlined the show, with support from openers Jonah Furman, Banned Books, and Palm.

Past the line and into the dimly lit venue, the crowd buzzed with excitement- filling in every crevice from wall to wall. It was clear that the band had a loyal following and excitement for their show so far away from home. Preceding the headliner was Palm, a rock band with a fantastic cast of characters that knew how to prep the audience for Mothers. On stage, their blend of niche awkward purity of music combined to form a stage presence impossible to look away from, while being overtaken by their ever-changing songs.

Mothers’ signature psychedelic- infused experimental rock is unlike many other bands. Led by female vocalist Kristine Leschper’s delicate and haunting vocals- the type of music the band produces is very much hard to put a finger on. Just when listeners believe they have caught on to a part of the song, bobbing their necks in time, the elusive sound changes- as abruptly as it started.

The group dynamics on stage are as interesting to watch as to listen to, with head nods coordinating complex musical breakdowns, and unspoken communication that ties this group together. The performance is as much one of an incredibly talented band, as it is for the individuals that compose it. During each song the members balanced somehow staying on track through multiple measure changes and parts of the music, while also experiencing it within their own little spheres. While communicating the brutally emotional lyrics that accompanied the songs, each member appeared as much to be going on that personal journey of feeling as the audience members. Crisp and more “jam”-like sessions interspersed between slower pieces helped to keep energies high and demonstrate the skills of the band and combined brilliantly with the lighting and atmosphere of the venue. Mothers performs outstandingly not only when recorded, but live as well, a feat of which many cannot say the same, and through their incredible music they have carved out a name for themselves within the industry.


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Jaime Ibarra Highlark

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