Munachi Osegbu


Fashion photographer Munachi Osegbu had his work displayed in the Louvre Museum, which is something most artists dream of – and he’s only 20 years old. Studying photography and imaging at New York University, Munachi spends his free time shooting campaigns for Galore Magazine and Lime Crime Cosmetics.

His talent for capturing neon color stories in each frame creates his signature style. Being a fashion photographer, his subjects are mainly women, and he is able to capture each individual’s raw beauty. Munachi talked to us about his inspiration, how the industry is changing, and what he’s looking forward to in 2017.

Munachi Osegbu


KRISTEN (HIGHLARK): What initially drew you into the art form of photography?

MUNACHI OSEGBU: I have participated in pretty much every form of visual and performing arts over time. I’ve been an actor, dancer, musician, singer, painter, cinematographer, ceramic artist, installation artist, boyscout (just kidding!) So I think that after having the opportunity to try everything at one point or another, I just naturally settled on what medium fit me best as an artist.

KRISTEN: You began delving into photography at a young age, but when did you know that you would pursue it as a career?

MUNACHI: I actually remember the day I realized I wanted to do this as a career. I was looking at Interview Magazine, the March 2012 edition, and I came across an editorial by Steven Klein. That was when I realized that fashion photography is its own artform with its own history and creative traditions. It’s created as a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist of the time, which is always changing, morphing into something new. I felt that as an artist, my goal was (and still is) to be apart of that zeitgeist.

KRISTEN: I loved the campaign you shot for Lime Crime x Galore Magazine, especially with how the color stories worked with the makeup shades. How did that collaboration between you and them pan out?

MUNACHI: Thank you! That happened just by me reaching out and them liking my work and deciding to give me a chance. That’s pretty much how everything has happened thus far.

KRISTEN: Diana Veras was a part of that campaign, who I have been following on Instagram for several years, even before she was a signed model. She’s very outspoken on how the fashion industry needs to be more inclusive of women with difference body types and especially women of color. How do you see the fashion industry changing from a photographer’s point of view?

MUNACHI: In the past few years, the fashion industry has undergone a REVOLUTION when it comes to body image and diversity. The faces and bodies we see in magazines now, even high profile ones, have completely changed from what they were in the 2000’s. It’s so exciting that models like Diana, Winnie Harlow, Hari Nef, and others who deviate from the typical are being embraced by the fashion industry and excelling in what they do. I also applaud designers like Brandon Maxwell, who just did an all-black campaign for his last collection. I’ve never seen that before!

KRISTEN: What does 2017 look like for Munachi Osegbu?

MUNACHI: 2017 will be a great year for Munachi Osegbu! I’m going to push myself like crazy and do my best. Expect lots of new work, cinemagraphs, VR, and hopefully some more commercial stuff!


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