NADA x PAOM Contemporary Drag


The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) already contributes to the art and fashion center that is New York City by bringing in talented artists from around the world. Now they’re taking it a step further by pairing up with Print All Over Me (PAOM) to give their international audiences a unique line of clothing geared towards unconventional pop of colors and unique design.

NADA is a non-profit organization focused on modern and contemporary art. Since 2002, the conglomerate of members, artists and exhibitors habitually come together to bring the public the latest from the art world. In a collaboration of a lifetime, NADA x PAOM has given life to Contemporary Drag, a funky clothing line taking inspiration from drag culture and fashion.

PAOM appreciates the extensive time required to create each perfectly custom-made piece–and for this line it does no different. Crazy, elaborate patterns envelop much of the apparel.

Contemporary Drag is a thematically intertwined system of clothing and accessories made by artists of unique yet similar backgrounds in art, fashion and drag queen culture. NADA wanted to make art more interactive. What better way to do so than by wearing it? NADA and PAOM have similar tendencies to give lesser known artists and designers the spotlight, knowing they can make something no one has ever seen before.

The iconic drag queen, comedienne, and DJ Lady Bunny contributed to the characteristically ostentatious Contemporary Drag collaboration with a sassy neoprene clutch bag. Scattered all around it are snapshots of her signature eye look taken from several paparazzi pics. Pictures of long thick lashes on the top and bottom lines fan out around blue and silver shimmery eyeshadow totally cover the purse in every nook possible. The piece-y purse grabs hold of some of her many expressive face contours at many angles.

La’fem Ladosha, another iconic nightlife and visual performer, brought her magic to the mix. The member of House Of Ladosha, an artistically focused group that branches into music, style and art, brings the three together for this limited-edition collaboration. The artist similarly pieced together still shots of herself from one of her music videos, “Black Model Famous” and printed them onto a mesh tank top in various tinted filters gridded all across.

The styles range from clean and simple in black and white to jumbled up in a rainbow of colors with every crossover in between. The partnership of NADA x PAOM creates a colorful rendition of what it means to wear clothing inspired by the contemporary drag queen. Beautiful designs, colorful patterns, and iconic images highlight the new-age collection.

You can purchase these beautiful limited edition pieces on the PAOM website or at the main entrance of NADA New York.

The 6th annual NADA New York Fair at Skylight Clarkson North just concluded where 50% of the proceeds were be donated to the ACLU. Additional proceeds went to the NADA x Exhibitionary International Gallery Prize, which supports up-and-coming artists’ international trips to exhibit their work for the first time in New York City for the 2018 show.

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