Inglorious Bastard

Natalia Rak is a young Polish street artist. Born in 1986, Rak has has been painting for about 10 years now, and has since participated in several group exhibitions. She also does smaller scale paintings that are equally as captivating. Rak’s art is extremely colorful, almost bursting with energy and sensuous detail. Her images are often surreal in nature, taking an otherwise mundane scene and infusing colors reminiscent of bright nightlife, and magical otherworldly touches, such as with her painting “Forget About Hangover”. The artist creates lavish and exuberant displays of life as we know it, gracing alleyways or sides of buildings, creating a world more receptive to conscious artwork.

Rak’s artwork has a distinctly feminine touch, portraying nature, its beasts, and humans in a delicate and ephemeral light- beautiful enough to touch our lives for a passing moment as we drive or walk by, and then forever living on in our minds. The bold colors and well placed oddities almost seem to lend a nod to Salvador Dali, yet the world Rak creates is one perhaps close enough to visit, while Dali’s is incomprehensibly distant. Natalia Rak creates gorgeous paintings that show us a sliver of humanity through her eyes- in a way that can only be shown as grandiosely as she managed to.  


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