Really excited to feature the work of Nate Frizzell today! I originally only saw his “dark was the night” series of paintings where he uses a solid black background with an animal(s) and a human in the foreground. There are two pieces from that series in the gallery below, and I love the simplicity but creativeness of using such a bold black to encompass most of the background creating great contrast and making his subjects really pop.

I was even more impressed when I saw his other series of paintings which have the same theme but are placed in different settings. He uses several contrasting elements within his art but can somehow make them feel natural. A young girl with a giant bear in an urban setting would realistically never happen, but Nate has a way of presenting it that for a second you forget any oddities exist.

His charcoal series is really cool too, creating these almost metallic textures with all these nice black and grey tones. His talents don’t end there as he also sculpts extremely well. It may not be a big deal to most people but I am inspired by his method of doing a series of things. It’s a great way to keep yourself and the audience interested in your work even if you have a consistent underlying theme. Head over to his website to see what I’m talking about, but more importantly to check out more of Nate’s amazing work!


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