Nation of Language Release New Single “Friend Machine”

New York Trio Release New Track Off Debut Album Out May 22

Nation of Language Release New Single "Friend Machine"

Hailing from Brooklyn, synth-pop outfit Nation of Language have shared a captivating new single “Friend Machine” off their upcoming debut album Introduction, Presence, out May 22. A pushed back release date due to current climates, fans can get their hands on the album early on via purchase on their website directly.

An appropriately predictive and fitting topic in todays new distorted reality of sole reliance on digital communications, singer Ian Devaney shares via press release that the newest single thematically revolves around his “own unhealthy relationship with technology.”

“Like many people, I just spend too much time with it. There’s a struggle that forms as I attempt to balance my social media content to keep me both informed about the world and inspired to create. Connectivity often feels like it keeps me chained or absent, but simultaneously it can also drive me to go make new things. Perhaps it’s just an excuse I make for myself, but in my head there really is a push/pull that exists, and so I’m left trying to find a way to develop some kind of reasonable symmetry within the tension of my tech habits.”

Take a listen to the track below :

Heavily inspired by new wave and dance-punk, the trio made up by vocalist Ian Devaney, his keyboardist-wife Aidan Devaney and bassist Michael Sui-Po  add a freshly innovative spin to create their brand of synth-pop. Sardonic melodies, haunting synths and melancholic lyricism make their music as entrancing in sound, as they are in their ability to make you dance the night away.

If we’re going to remain inside, were thankful to have “Friend Machine” to keep us company. It just may be our favorite from the album to come, but be sure to keep an eye on our review of the whole album soon after debut for the final verdict.


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