Noa Knafo


Many artists want to communicate a message through their work, while simultaneously creating something beautiful. Noa Knafo is no exception, yet she takes on so much more. Noa wants to bring her audience closer together. She paints beautiful and bright images that are deeply personal to herself, but share themes that are universal to all people. Her work contains beauty and meaning, but also carries its own energy. She wants to express spirituality and how people interpret the world today. Working with such a universal subject allows Noa to connect with her audience on a very deep level.

Noa Knafo

Noa started out making paintings about the Jewish religion because it is something particularly special to her. As she continued her work as an artist, she progressed into making paintings about all different kinds of spirituality. Her paintings communicate themes such as “new beginnings” and the connectedness of the world. Paintings such as Adam Bar and Circle of Life allow her to communicate the importance of how humans connect to their surroundings.

Noa has a distinct style that includes bright colors, intricate patterns, and sometimes harsh brushstrokes. Her paintings stand out due to her nature of not shying away from color. Her use of color allows for the viewer to experience liveliness. The colors contribute immensely to Noa’s themes of spirituality and human experience by bringing out an energy unique to each viewer. Noa often pairs bright colors with patterns. The patterns range from simple shapes to complicated designs in the background. The precision and intricacy involved in the patterns allow one to reflect on the complexity of the spiritual messages in her work. While Noa is a painter, she does not limit herself to a canvas. She sells her work in many different forms. Noa also sells clothing, home decor, and even shoes with her artwork printed on them.


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