Pity Sex "Burden You" Highlark


Pity Sex‘ “Burden You,” a track off their new LP White Hot Moon, is a classic back- and- forth, Britty Drake’s slow babydoll tone leading Brennan Greaves’ calm and persistent one. The majority of the song is a heavy, weighted riff with slight breaks interspersed throughout the wall of sound. It’s an honest melody, reflecting on the tense, nagging idleness of love in the wrong time and the wrong place. Drake’s words are clear, avoiding getting lost in the sonic forest built by Sean St. Charles and Brandan Pierce and carried by her and Greaves. Simple instrumentals go a long way when there is a strong message to provide the song with juice.

Pity Sex is a Michigan four- piece with an increasingly loyal fanbase, and a lasting presence on the touring circuit. The group is about five years old, with two studio albums under their belt and a Pixies- like balance in the way they interact as artists and collaborators. Bouncing off of similar alternative rock artists, Pity Sex walks the fine line between inspiration and innovation, yet has managed to settle into a niche that has been left relatively empty in the past few years. Kind of like the neon elephant on the cover of White Hot Moon, the band is a flashback in pastels, yet, trunk raised, glowing pink, they’re perfectly in tune with their own identity.


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