Prism X Funkz Spacetunnel Dyro Edit

The best thing about Electronic Music is that finding new music as well as sharing each other’s music is part of the natural order. It’s just what DJs inherently do, and this basic principle is what separate this genre from all others. A perfect example of this is how my favorite Electronic Music label Wolv Records ended 2015 with a bang…er in form of the track “Apocalypse” by a well established name in the game Jordy Dazz. On the contrary, the first release of 2016 comes from newcomers Prism and Funkz. Label boss Dyro‘s edit of their track “Spacetunnel” came out January 4th and is exactly why Electronic Music is so exciting.

The bottom end is solid throughout the beat and all sorts of galactic sounds cover the other frequencies nicely making this a strong Electro House track worthy of a Wolv release. I especially like the section after the first drop where the kick cuts out and the sounds really open up. It sonically creates a sense of ‘big space’ and builds up again to the second drop which hits harder than the first time around. The title “Spacetunnel” certainly describes the track well and captures the vibe.

So how new are Prism and Funkz? So new in fact that both acts hardly have their social media set up. Prism is 17 years old while Funkz is comprised by a duo Shaked Levi and Niv Naifeld, one 14 and the other 16 years old. Young and brilliant DJ/Producers aren’t anything new for this genre, but the maturity of this track is quite impressive.

Props to Dyro for keeping an open ear and staying true to what every great DJ does – search, discover and showcase the dopest tracks no matter who, what or where it’s from. It’s just amazing how these young DJs from Israel can connect to one of the best DJs in the world and get a track released. The road to success is still hard and long but they definitely have a bright future ahead. Congrats to Prism and Funkz on a great track and I hope they stay humble and hungry to become household names, and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from both of them.


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| Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram |


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