Haruki Murakami is an author whose name I have been hearing for a while now. He is an acclaimed author, but more importantly is someone that I keep hearing about within a circle of friends. I actually picked this up at a booth in the airport before my trip to Curacao while looking for some magazines to read. His name got my attention, but the thing that made me buy it was the excerpt from his introduction on the back cover. He briefly describes a moment while at a professional baseball game when he had an epiphany that he can write novels. This was very intriguing to me and the fact that this book was a collection of the first 2 novels he ever wrote made it even more enticing.

I’m always interested in learning how successful people got started, and so this book which includes Murakami’s debut novels “Hear the Wind Sing” and “Pinball 1973” seemed like a good choice. I would be interested in reading one of his books in Japanese somewhere along the line and seeing if the feel of the book is consistent.


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