Anna Dellaria is all soul and Jessie Frye is all spunk. Dellaria is primed for big ballads and Frye is some reincarnation of Katy Perry if she drove a hearse. I couldn’t wait to take two singer-songwriters from seemingly opposites sides of a coin Record Rushing to see how in tune they are with sounds outside their respective genres. Spoiler: just because they don’t sound or perform alike doesn’t mean they aren’t from different planets. I was kept at the edge of my seat as each artist so astutely and carefully guessed an aspect of the other’s music taste, exhibiting openness and a careful ear.

© Jeanette Diaz

// Jessie’s guesses for Anna’s

favorites: Kimbra; Whitney Houston; Portishead

phases: Kelly Clarkson; Sam Smith

guilty pleasures: Ke$ha; Third Eye Blind

Jessie compares Anna to Jeff Buckley and Demi Lovato.

Anna confirms Whitney Houston is a major vocal inspiration, as is Kelly Clarkson and Sam Smith. While Ke$ha wasn’t so much a shot in the dark, Third Eye Blind was, but both ultimately proved to be true. Anna graciously accepts Jeff Buckley’s tender style and Demi Lovato’s powerhouse vocal abilities as comparisons.

© Jeanette Diaz

// Anna’s guesses for Jessie’s

favorites: The Cure; Tori Amos

phases: Madonna; Amy Lee of Evanescence

guilty pleasures: Wonder Woman; Tim Burton

Anna compares Jessie to Hayley Williams of Paramore, St Vincent, and Katy Perry.

Jessie has been a lifelong Cure and Tori Amos fan. Madonna, she says, is more of a permanent phase than a short-lived one. Never before has an artist pulled examples from outside music to fill a category, but Anna got creative by suggesting the aesthetics of Tim Burton and Wonder Woman, which Jessie took as major compliments as well as confirming she is a Tim Burton fan. His dark, gothic yet playful style meshes well with her vibe. Her brash energy is also akin to Paramore‘s Hayley Williams with a touch of St. Vincent. I say “You’re like if Katy Perry drove a hearse,” which gets a huge rise out of Jessie as she adopts that mentality.

© Jeanette Diaz

Dellaria and Frye may be cut from different musical cloths, but each exhibit total confidence and have the ability to fill up and command space with their voices and auras.

© Jeanette Diaz

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