The moment I walked in to Ritual Talk‘s Brooklyn rehearsal space slash abode, what I felt was warmth. The kind of warmth that cannot be faked.

Good vibes were emanating as each band member welcomed me to their really cool apartment setup where Alex DeSimine (Vocals, Guitar), Alex Tremitiere (Bass, Vocals), Tom Criblez (Drums, Vocals) and TJ Alcala (Keys, Vocals) all live together with 3 other non band members.

The kicker, the basement is their rehearsal space – complete with hand made acoustic panels all around. Dylan Gleit (Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals) is the only member of the band who doesn’t live here, but his visits are frequent and he calls the cozy couch in the rehearsal space his second bed.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of truthfully communicating with one another especially in the social media age. For Ritual Talk, it’s one of the main reasons why they get along so well.

I sat down with the band and discussed cool moms, their Spotify RT Radio and how their music creates an inviting space to spread their warmth to the world.

We’re all coming from different places and we all want what we think is best in any situation. It’s about being able to put that into some kind of communicable way. Saying here is what I want, here is what you want, can we find this place? Does it work for everybody? Music without words and just as a feeling can create a space for people, can bring you together in that way. Here, this is warmth, this is calm, come on in and take some of it.

– Alex DeSimine



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