Dead Sara – Pleasure to Meet You

It’s been said that rock is dead, and I couldn’t agree more. Dead Sara is the Rock N Roll that you’ve been missing. I was lucky enough to come across this band a few years back when they opened for A Day To Remember at Irving Plaza. I was instantly drawn to the catchy rhythms of the music, the true rock sound, and the emotion that lead singer Emily Armstrong performs with. They released their second album late March after rocking a sold out show in the Webster Hall Basement. Hailing from LA they bring the stylistic grooves of SoCal and the hard gritty rock of NYC. If you don’t trust me, in an interview with Fuse in 2013, Dave Grohl simply stated, “Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world.” So do yourself a favor and check them out. Just remember where you heard them first!

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