RÓSA Gives Us “The Taste of Another” With Latest EP

RÓSA Release Latest EP at The Satellite in Los Angeles, CA

On the heels of their latest EP release in late February; RÓSA played an intimate release show to a packed house at the Satellite in Silverlake, CA. Before the official night started, we got the chance to have a brief sit down with frontman and guitarist Will Winters to discuss Docs, new tracks, Girlpool and many things in between.

One spin of the bands latest and anticipated EP release The Taste of Another and the intersection where 80s electro-beats meets futuristic synth pop is lively met. With a musical similarity to the likings of other leading synth-pop influences such as The 1975 and LANY, the group brings with them a unique Southern Californian flair.  The most recent release from RÓSA marks their 3rd DIY EP recording. The resulting production, a surprisingly strong contender for favorite tracks against the top chart counterparts they so often get referenced too.

Breaking the ice early on with Will, we began the night realizing we both came prepped wearing the same shoes; pairs of matching black Doc Martens. “They’re just kinda classic, but still cool;” a very parallel and fitting opening statement to start a conversation with a band who shares very similar traits in their description. A rebranded band, originally manifested under the name WYLDR (but due to a potential lawsuit from a DC band with similar name in place) RÓSA stemmed from a need for a quick reinvention.

As Will continues to explain, the band’s quickly reinvented name was done so without too much thought; “we wanted something short, memorable and was a bit Los Angeles sounding.” We continue to discuss the various ways the simple name can be mispronounced or stylized, “its pretty self-explanatory, we don’t really care, but people interpret it differently. Its whatever people happen to take from it.”

Following suit with this train of thought, we reach one of my most curious inquiries for the front man in whether the choice to release consistent EPs versus a Full Length LP was coincidental or artistic choice. Winters explains that he views his music, and choice of creating a series of EPs versus up to this point as a appropriate reflection of society and catering to the interests of todays music consumer. “We produced something for people who tend to want something now, small and can be consumed rather quickly.” Memorable with an air of mystery, a fluid sound that is ever-developing and in process; it really seems that RÓSA has really figured out the modern day music equation.

The Taste of Another essentially reads as a compilation of  love songs when you need it, and love songs when you don’t. A conglomerate of transformative songs that sonically fuse dimmed, electronic tracks to more upbeat, danceable tracks that are all wrapped in the narratives of prismatic love. Wil explains how the melancholy tones of the first album, the deviation to a pop-ier sound in the second album was worked to a comfortable and sound defining writing process on the 3rd EP. A development process that neared the band closer to the music they have been aiming to create.

Winters goes onto state that the lyricism and themes of love is an intentional niche; “I’m a young man [in LA]; it just interests me; with themes of love; [the music] becomes immediate, visceral and relational.” It explores those in between emotions; neither fully in love, or heartbroken but kind of just experiencing more complex journeys through its casual lyricism.

As for where Winters sees the band going; he does not see playing at one of LA’s most cherished neighborhood venues as an end. “I’m happy to be playing again in LA…. Actually, There’s a band thats fucking huge now, Girlpool, I saw them in a literal garage not too long ago in Placentia, maybe 50 people in a garage and now that just seems so weird because their kind of massive.” The interview came to an abrupt conclusion in the middle of the thought as the band needed to gear up for their soundcheck. Winters headed off with a final remark “We want to tour the world!”

With the assistance of bands like Laureline, Drinker and Bad  Talkers the night was filled to the brim with eager friends and fans enjoying a special night of music. As my (and the frontman’s agreed upon) favorite track from the recent release “Everytime I Think About You I Hate Myself” began to play, I couldn’t help but think of something Winters had said earlier that evening. “I think the more we learn and grow; we’ll get it.”  Immediate. Visceral. Relational. the very essence of RÓSA came full circle.  From individuals to artists to the music itself; one look around the room at that moment proved they have definitely gotten something right.

Until you’re able to catch them live; you can check out RÓSA and their latest EP release here.



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