Tomorrow night (2/18/17), Sarah Solovay returns to Rockwood Music Hall in NYC for the release show for her brand new single “Rough Draft.” It has been a long time coming, and marks her return to a career that she put on hold so she can attend college. Sarah exploded on to the music industry as a teenager which grew into a promising career. Who cares about school when you’re on your way to becoming a pop star right? It must have been a very difficult decision to make at such a young age, and for Story XIX, Sarah tells us why she chose to go to college and pause her career.

We can all learn a very important lesson from her story and I completely agree with her when she says that you shouldn’t rush life. We’ve all heard of many celebrities who attained success at an early age say they wished they went to college. It’s because certain life experiences don’t wait for us and can only be experienced at a certain time in your life. To each their own, but I think the decision was the right one for Sarah, now back with new music inspired by all the new experiences she gained.


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Sarah Solovay Rough Draft