Shaun Topper‘s style is rooted in the American traditional way of doing things, but surpasses the label completely, merging modern influence with refined technique. Bold line work surrounds an even bolder color spectrum and both factors work together to give each piece a distinct personality and voice. The imagery in his tattoos is linked by a resounding play on pop culture as well as a personal interpretation of the medium and its ability to reflect the life unfolding around him.

Traditional tattooing holds a deep respect for the power of simplicity, a notion supported by the iconic flash that defines the genre. Shaun takes that element to a higher level, preferring clarity over quantity yet adding as much fine detail as necessary. All while making sure that the given piece is not convoluted or saturated with information.

Color-wise, he wields a well-endowed palette, with all the primaries, shades, and in-betweens that modern ink allow. Topper’s pieces are inherently colorful. Even the blacks and grays weave in and out of the light, creating the subtlest of hues. It almost seems as if the light within his tattoos is coming from an outside source instead of the image itself; it radiates from under the skin.

As an artist, Shaun’s specialty is to immortalize the visuals that act on an individual’s mind and soul. The content he works with speaks to this like youth itself, it’s invincible. Humor and poignancy come together in a shotgun wedding, all caught up in a shameless lust for life. Skater rats, goblins catching waves, and a literal Rocky Raccoon are the minuscule embodiment of an singularity that is not only vivacious but also quite American. The stylistic aspect definitely adheres to that.

This identity is a gift from Topper to the canvas (receiver), his creative vision, and the tattoo itself. That level of craftsmanship is what propels his style beyond what the general population is used to. Working out of California’s Captured Tattoo, Shaun Topper redefines style-driven boundaries to fuel his own spark, a process that results in eternal messages through quality tattoos.



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