Society6 is an exciting art, clothing, and decor store where items can be bought directly from the artist. After making a free account, members can browse their “society” looking through images of art; mixed media, paintings, and photography are fit to an individual’s taste based on what images they like. From there, it’s easy to find art that will suit both your taste and your walls. As I started to explore, colorful paintings with eyes and skulls drew my attention, along with trippy out-of-the-box prints. I was impressed at the level of workmanship and creativity, and I especially like how these artists are getting their work out there. After searching for a store to help decorate my new apartment, I was elated to find a place to buy cool, edgy art that I can actually afford.

Not to mention I could finally find a tapestry worth buying; every place I’ve been to tries to nickel and dime for a basic pattern. For those who like decor that is a bit more interesting and affordable, this is a great place to look. These are made by real artists too. They even sell leggings and T-shirts with intricate and edgy patterns, for those who prefer to wear their art. Society6 is an art lover’s spot to find what they need for both themselves and their apartment.


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