Key Considerations When Styling Men’s Skinny Jeans

Men's Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans have gone past being considered a passing fashion trend. Now, it has become a wardrobe staple among men and women, although many of the latter still find it challenging to wear them.

It can be quite tough to match skinny jeans with just the right top, shoes or accessories and arrive at the right look. But here are some styling rules that you can follow to get it right when it comes to wearing skinny jeans for men:

// Determine your body proportions.

Knowing your body is one of the keys in picking the right skinny jeans to wear. Men with a slimmer build can go for looser pants that will not put their focus on their slender physique. On the other hand, men with a more proportioned body can be complemented well with more fitted jeans. You can add flare and balance the almost leg-hugging jeans by rolling up the hems.

// Try it on.

Before deciding to buy skinny jeans, make sure to go on a trip to the fitting room first. Bring as many pairs as you can until you find the jeans with the perfect fit. Contrary to what some people think, not all skinny jeans have to be the spray on kind. Depending on your body structure and your level of comfort, you can even wear straight cut jeans without having to bear with the tight feeling of some denim jeans.

// Find the right tops.

You already have your skinny jeans on. Don’t match it with a top that is overly baggy or extremely tight. When choosing complementing tops, consider their length first. You can look slimmer if you wear shirts that are long enough to cover your jeans’ waistband. This is also perfect if you want to hide a little tummy bulge.

The color and material of the perfect top should be considered as well. Bigger men should avoid pairing their skinny jeans with bold patterns if they don’t want to appear stockier or bulkier. If they do love patterns, the safest bet would be tops with slimming vertical stripes. The best colors for men on the bigger side would be those of the darker shade. But the outfit doesn’t have to be all dark if colorful accessories can be introduced, such as bright colored socks, tie or pocket square.

Men's Skinny Jeans

// Be careful of the pockets.

Skinny jeans are already quite fit as they are. Don’t ruin your look by over-filling your pockets. If you can’t let go of your wallet, for instance, look for a slim front pocket wallet instead. This type of wallet won’t form odd shapes on your skinny jeans, so it won’t ruin your overall fashionable look. The last thing you need is to have your wallet bulging either from the front or the back, breaking your streamlined appearance.

// Try ripped jeans.

You can break the austere look of skinny jeans with a few rips here and there. Ripped jeans also lend versatility to your look and the cuts and holes in the right places can improve your proportions. But make sure that the rips are not overdone.

// Wear it right.

Skinny jeans are best paired with basic trainers and loose T-shirts for your everyday look. Despite this being casual, don’t forget about choosing skinny jeans that will complement your proportions well.

For more formal evening looks, wear straight-cut skinny jeans. The season should also be considered. Get the more lightweight jeans in front of your wardrobe during the summer and darker ones for the winter.

// Big men can still go skinny.

Just like the earlier tips, don’t choose too loose or too fitted skinny jeans to avoid drawing attention to your bigger structure. But only high-waist jeans to avoid stomach bulges from showing or at least cover up the bulges with a long top. Go dark with other dark garments and colorful accessories.

And know when to retire your skinny jeans and replace them with new ones. If they no longer fit you right, shop for new jeans instead of suffering through a look that you’re aware no longer flatters you. And if you find the style of skinny jeans that fit you, get that same style with an adjustment in size, depending on the changes in your body.

Men's Skinny Jeans

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