The Sullen enterprise stems from a deep- set appreciation of ‘true art’. After all, what is more real, more searing, and more undeniable than tattooing? Sullen fuses tattoo-inspired art with men’s and women’s apparel, creating a product that oozes the sweet spearmint of cool. Sullen is a non-pompous marker of tattoo art’s fairly recent entrance into the cosmopolitan world of design and marketing, and an indication of fashion’s ever-evolving sense of style.

The clothing is casual in essence, yet some of the designs bear an eloquence, something Edgar Allan Poe would wear if he was a skater in the new millennium. It’s clear that the print on every tee, tank, and sweater was labored over meticulously, someone’s silver nib carefully bringing the image to life. There’s even a special “Badge Series”, representing the spindly Sullen logo. On the company’s site, under the ‘Family’ tab, are three pages of contributing artists of the Sullen Art Collective, complete with bios and portfolios of previous work. Not only does a customer know where the product they’re buying originates, they know who’s imagination it hails from.

As one of the company’s ‘Angels’ puts it, the Sullen team is a family, having created a support system for all those involved in the creative process. The collective strives to promote artists- an online launchpad firing up the fuel tanks, it prepares to shoot them off into the starry black. Sullen proves that tattoo art is not a single canvas venture; it’s a culture, and can be incorporated into any surface. With the days of the Singapore-inked sailor and his pin-up laden muscles decades behind us, tattoo culture is becoming ingrained into the conscience of the artist and the art lover, as an inspiration as well as something to admire.

Sullen Clothing is a representation of artist solidarity and the increasing role of tattoo art in contemporary society. I’d definitely recommend it if you are seeking some new apparel, accessories, or even art and tattooing supplies, all at affordable prices and of great quality. To check out the company, shop, and learn more about Sullen, visit


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