Summertime in the LBC Brought Maximum Heat For Second Year

Long Beach, CA Festival Came in Hot with Fire Lineup during Heatwave Temperatures

Summertime in the LBC came back with a vengeance this year proving the only right way to kick off Summer in Southern California, is to come in HOT. But is there any other way Californians know how to party than under a little bit of summer sun? Returning to Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, CA during the peak of a heat wave, the festival set the beginning of festival season ablaze just in time to kick off one hot summer in Southern California.

With temperatures nearing 110*F the stage was set for a weekend that was sure to be nothing less than pure fire; and the organizers of the festival, the Observatory in Orange County + Goldenvoice, were more than prepared to provide an event that matched the climate. In an age where music festivals can be found in every crevice, city and weekend; the event organizers continue to prove they’re fests are always one step ahead. Confirming star-studded lineups proves to be an easy feat for the team but their quickly selling out events continue to prove a success to their ability to provide entire tailored experiences; this time filled with micheladas, lowrider photo ops and scenic palm-tree filled views.

The day ran on a highly convenient schedule and layout allowed attendees the ability to catch a good portion of all acts on the bill. Highly appreciated the adding of an overhead bridge that provided easier access to and from stages than just one crowded pathway at prior events. The journeys to the next sets allowed some viewing time to check out all the West Coast Hip Hop inspired threads from pressed white tees, bandanas and fitted snaps. Through out the grounds attendees proved the glaring heat was no reason their wear couldn’t stay fresh.

And while the sun made taking a break from breaking a sweat a little more common than usual at this event, the inclusion of food and drink stands along the trek and many large fans and misters spread out showed the organizers had the safety aspect in check too. While we cant always handle emergency reactions (stay hydrated this summer folks) security, medics and many water bottles were definitely ready and on hand throughout the day to ensure the day ran as smoothly as possible.

While a variety of activities are always additive in creating new music spaces; the music itself is undeniably the best part. The multi-generational lineup rooted in all things funky, rap and hip hop related were easily the most enjoyable moments throughout the day. Seeing younger generations singing along to every word with legends who brought us classics like The Manhattans “Kiss and Say Goodbye” or how hyphey older fans were getting to E-40 was thrilling. In a world continuously seeking to split people apart, seeing cross generational borders blurred and forgotten in the name of the West Coast is an incredible thing to watch.

Ja Rule & Ashanti brought their onstage duo presence to life; The Dramatics crooned and soothed fans through midday stage shade and love songs  while Method Man & Redman brought the ruckus having every person in attendance jumping up and down disregarding the rising temps or most likely sweating Wu-Tang fan next to them. The Isley Brothers performed an iconic set confirming why they’ve had one of the longest music careers known, over 60 years and they still pull out all the stops. Ice Cube had everyone screaming that it was a good day making all fans forget they had been depleting under a brutal sun for hours to get the chance to sing the very words. And of course, Snoop Dogg left no beer un-sipped or blunt un-sparked from beginning to end of his awaited performance of D0ggystyle.

We’ll never stress enough how much we can always look forward to events produced by the Observatory; knowing were in to experience everything but your average music festival experience. While the heat could have proved a great detriment to the event; the festival only allowed it to play into its theme even more (while also ensuring  cases of water bottles were handy to keep everyone hydrated and safe).

We look forward to see what West Coast heavy hitters get brought next year; whether in Artists, Food Trucks or Vendors. Until then enjoy a gallery of this years events to bring you a few degrees of West Coast heat.


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